Do you feel completely out of control?
You want to be a better person, but you can't?
Are your "bad habits" impossible to break?

HALT what you are doing now!
Realize you just need some healthy food.
Go find a good person, and sit in a good environment.

Eat slowly - and get your mind back on what's right.

HALT! Step back! take a deep breath...
Your thoughts alone can destroy you...
...and your mouth can Destroy those you love.
Write down the REAL issues -
    Write down "The problem" as you see it
    Write down what you like about the person, or job...
    Write down what YOU can change
    Write down what God and others can help you with
Now, go do something fun with a real friend...
    and give your mind a rest.

HALT! Stop looking for Real Love in all the wrong places!
You won't find it being by yourself...
on a machine, or in cyberspace...
on a pay-thru-the-nose phone call...
on a dark street corner...or in a bar.
REAL LOVE starts in your Heart,
while caring for others more than your Self.
Be a giving friend...and you will NEVER be Lonely.

HALT! Stop what you are doing!
Shut your computer off...walk away from it!!!
Take a nap, or get a Good night's sleep.
You are stealing tomorrow's real joy...
     by trying to get a few thrills today.
Go to sleep now, and have an awesome day tomorrow!!

2000 d.a.r.